Boko Haram: We’ll Defend Nigeria’s Territorial Integrity To The Last Mile, Says FG

labaran-makuThe Federal Government has assured that it will not allow any part of the country to be used as centre for an experimental terror state in West Africa.

Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, gave the assurance in Abuja on Monday while addressing officers of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) at a workshop on Conflict Prevention, Peace Building and Election Monitoring ahead of the 2015 general elections.

According to Maku, the federal government had utmost confidence in the ability and capacity of the military to defend the honour and uphold the territorial integrity of the nation, warning rampaging insurgents in some states of the North-East that the Armed Forces would wholeheartedly defend the country to the last mile.

“Local and international adventurers that are contending with the destiny of our nation should know that we will defend our country to the last mile.

“We know our responsibility to this country, we know the responsibility of this nation to Africans all over the world and we will do everything within our powers to ensure that our country remains united, indivisible and continues to prosper as the leading state in Africa.

“Let me assure our country that no matter what forces of disunity would want to do, by the grace of Allah and the resolve of this administration and the people of Nigeria, no part of the Nigerian territory will become a centre for an experimental terror state in West Africa”, Maku said.

The minister noted that the current situation called for absolute commitment by the Armed Forces and the citizens of Nigeria to ensure they work together in unity to defeat the evil of insurgency, stressing that conflict prevention was the responsibility of all citizens, security forces, the civil society and all national institutions, adding that it costs much less to prevent conflict than to manage it.

Maku reasoned that most of the conflicts the nation was witnessing could have been prevented by being proactive, instead of waiting for conflict to erupt and fester, saying any human community was liable to conflict, which could be anticipated, hence the need to train people on conflict prevention and peace building.


  1. What we need is action. Enough of the talk workshop. Security is not a matter of mouth but effective action.
    This is not a situation where people in government make money out of crisis. It is crucial to administer, manage maitain and sustain effective and efficient security. That is what makes a nation a real sovereign state.
    Maku should be serious this time and forget about burnish image this time. We need sincerity and honesty on national security issue.

  2. Bla bla bla. Just secure the country and stop making fools of yourselves!It is disgustingly unbelievable, that some fanatical religious thugs can be challenging the territorial integrity of Nigeria this way, while the commander in chief and his corrupt generals are busy sleeping on the switch.