Group Advises APC Against Denigrating Jonathan

jona-apcA group known as the House-to-House campaign organization, has advised the All Progressives Congress to stop denigrating the office of the President of Nigeria.

Director-General of the group, Hon. Ogidi Bara Benjamin, in a statement on Friday in Abuja, decried what he described as unnecessary and unwarranted barrage of scathing and vitriolic criticism of the APC on the presidency.

“The APC since its emergence as a political party has been engaging itself in a voyage of baseless and destructive criticism of the office of the President without proffering any iota of solution to correct and address what could have been an alternative means of solving the problems confronting the Nigeria state”, Benjamin said.

He said that the APC, instead of forming a formidable political party, has remained a party with nothing to offer except attacking the office of the president.

Benjamin lamented that the APC does so even when it is glaring to the public that the current administration under President Goodluck Jonathan is embarking on people-oriented programmes which will sustain the tenets of democracy in the country.