NFF Reinstates ExCos, Green & Ahmed

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) appeals committee has lifted the suspension it handed Executive Committee (ExCo) members, citing there was a breach of the appellants’ right to fair hearing.

Executive Board membersChris Green and Yusuf Ahmed were handed six months and a year suspensions respectively for “anti-board activities” among other offenses, only for the appeal committee to uphold the pair’s appeal a day later.

The appeal committee said: “The appellants having made out a good case to nullify and reverse the decision of the executive committee, the aforementioned decision is hereby set aside and the appellants are free to resume their place and duties as executive members of the Nigeria Football Federation board.”

The Nigeria Football Federation.
The Nigeria Football Federation.
The committee chaired by Eddy Mark said there was “grave” breach of ExCos’ right to fair hearing and that the ban was not in accordance to due process, as the officials were not issued prior notice of their offence.

“This (violation) portends grave danger for the administration of football in Nigeria,” it added.

“Let us avoid those things that will portray our country in bad light and as a people that are incapable of managing our affairs for good. The world community of football is watching us.”

The appeals committee further disclosed that the minimum requirement of votes for suspension of fellow members was not reached and therefore contradicts Article 36(1) of the NFF statutes, which clearly stipulates that it require at least eight members to take such decision.

Only six executive committee members decided to suspend Barrister Chris and Ahmed, the committee intimated.