Niger Reviews Shari’a Law To Reflect Current Challenges

babangida-aliyu-360x2259989789The Shari’a legal system in Niger State is being reviewed to meet current challenges, Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Abdullahi Wuse, has said.

Wuse said government would extend the system from the handling of civil matters to criminal cases, to make it more transparent and free from abuse.

The Attorney General, who spoke in Minna, the state capital yesterday, said the government’s action was informed by the need to incorporate issues affecting the people.

He said: “We find it expedient to make the Shari’a legal system more compliant with the present realities as covered by the Islamic documents”.

The commissioner added: “The review will take cognisance of issues, such as child rights and abuse, street begging, as well as corruption”.

He recalled the setback suffered in the prosecution of an Islamic cleric, who married over four wives, for lack of provision of the Shari’a laws.