Shocking and Striking resemblance between dead female suicide bomber and one of the Chibok girls. [Graphic PHOTO]


Pic on the left is an alleged female suicide bomber but I can’t verify that she’s any of the ones that blew herself up during an attack in Kano last week….and the pic on the right is one of the missing Chibok girls. You know how some sources have fingered Chibok girls as the suicide bombers? (read here) though the Coordinator of the National Information Centre, Mr. Mike Omeri, has denied the girls involvement in the attacks….but it makes you wonder…the resemblance is strong but hopefully they are two totally different women.


  1. @tellthetruth, I can see that you are the blind person here because there is no similar identity here. Even at one glance. Check it well right from the eye browned to the nose. They are never the same person

  2. its 1 & same person. while d pikcho on d left was taken on a straight short ie not raising her chin coupled with cusmetics & shaving of eyebrows & using eye-pencil, d pikcho on d left was plain & taken from below the chin, exposing her nostrils & natural eye-brows without cusmetics on! God help us all. Amen!