Toolz Zip-lines While On Vacation With Her Lover In Mexico – Photos

Toolz is currently on vacation with her boyfriend, Capt. Tunde Demurun in Mexico and decided to add zip-lining to one of her memorable adventures.

She shared photos and captioned them:

“Do one thing everyday that scares you! This is the scariest thing I’ve done in my whole life. At this stage I was actually thinking ‘Who sent me to do this ooo’. #ConquerYourFears #MexicoAdventures #ZipLining #MyMumWouldBeatMeForDoingThis”

 “‘If this rope snaps, how will I survive a 4,000 foot fall?’ is what I was thinking here. Would my extra cushioning help to break my fall? I didn’t fall, but injured my arm a lil. #ConquerYourFears #MexicoAdventures #ZipLining”

Do you think someone has big as Toolz should have dared to zip-line???

More Photos Below: