WHO Commends Nigeria Over Ebola Control

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has commended Nigeria’s response to the current Ebola Virus disease outbreak noting that efforts to contain the cases in the country have paid off.

In an assessment of the situation in Lagos, the global health body said the situation looks reassuring and encouraging, noting that at present, all 12 confirmed cases are all part of a single chain of transmission.

“Those infected by the initial case include medical staff involved in his treatment, a patient in the same hospital, and a protocol officer in very close contact with the patient. The initial patient was vomiting frequently during travel and upon arrival. No one on the same flight was infected.

“The full recovery to date of one infected contact is additional good news. It counters the widespread perception that infection with the Ebola virus is invariably a death sentence. Evidence suggests that early detection and supportive therapy increase the prospects of survival.

“Intensive contact tracing, conducted by Nigerian health officials and staff from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has not, so far, identified any further confirmed cases outside the initial transmission chain,” said the WHO.

The global health body added that since the index case which arrived Lagos on July 20 died on July 25, the 21-day incubation period has lapsed, stressing that all 12 cases were confirmed in a WHO-approved laboratory.

“The intensity of the search and monitoring effort raises cautious optimism that further spread of the virus in Nigeria can be stopped.

“The search for additional cases continues, as does the current high level of vigilance,” the WHO observed.