Wife sets husband on fire for molesting her 7 year old daughter


Is she the mother of the year or what? You sexually assault a 7 year old girl and you deserve to be set on fire…

Wxyz.com  reports

A man who was badly burned after his wife allegedly set him on fire is now facing sex crime charges involving his 7-year-old stepdaughter.

Police in Washington state said Tatanysha Hedman, 40, doused her sleeping husband in gasoline before setting him on fire.

Hedman, 40, was arrested and told police she set her husband, Vincent Phillips, 52, on fire because he hurt her 7-year-old daughter, who is his stepdaughter. She said she did it because shooting him “was too nice,”

Phillips is hospitalized and faces first-degree child molestation charges. Hedman remains in jail, facing assault and arson charges.

Wonder why she’s still in jail…she was protecting her child and other children this alleged paedophile would have molested. Continue …

Footage from a security camera shows Phillips stumble into a Skyway convenience store screaming “I’m on fire

After the attack on him, Phillips fled their apartment and drove to a Skyway convenience store screaming “I’m on fire!” Customers looked on as he dropped to his knees, clearly in agony and begging, “Help me!” 

The store clerk called 911 and medics rushed Phillips to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of severe burns.