29-Year-Old Guy Sues Parents for Not Supporting Him Financially


29-year-old Kuang Zhengxuan is currently making waves on Chinese social media websites for his atrocious behavior – he’s actually suing his parents for not taking care of his financial needs. Despite his age, Kuang apparently expects his parents to continue ‘raising’ him, an attitude that has earned him the nickname ‘man-baby’.

Kuang is said to have quit school at a young age and studied woodworking and haircutting instead. He tried working for a while, but he says he was wrongly accused of stealing and beaten. That’s when he concluded that he has no real abilities, so he simply stopped working.

According to news reports, he lived a rather lazy lifestyle in his parents’ home. He spent all his time sleeping or playing with his cellphone. Fed up with his behavior, his parents recently asked him to leave home and fend for himself.

“It’s impossible for me to raise him any more,” said Kuang’s father. “Each time he calls, he asks for money.” But Kuang firmly believes that he’s entitled to his parents’ financial support. “I don’t have abilities, but they do,” he said. “Why can’t they raise me?”

In retaliation, Kuang is now filing a lawsuit against his parents, demanding that they take care of him. He has taken up a part-time job as a portrait model at an art school, but he’s not too happy about it.

“It’s exhausting being a portrait model,” he complained. “I have to sit for 4 to 5 hours each time. And it’s not stable. There might be no case for you tomorrow.”

“I can’t support myself,” he insisted. “My parents have enough resources to take care of me but they don’t, so I want to sue them.”

Interestingly, this is the second time we’re hearing of grown-up Chinese men trying to sue their parents. Less than a month ago we wrote about Xu King, also 29, who refused to go to work and wanted his parents to support him as well as his girlfriend. Experts believe this kind of behavior is a side-effect of China’s one-child policy, which has created a generation of spoiled youths with a false sense of entitlement.

Source: CCTV News