Actor Bob Manuel-Udokwu to contest for House of Assembly seat in 2015

In an interview with Encomium magazine, actor, Bob Manuel-Udokwu revealed plans to contest for a seat at the Anambra state House of Assembly in the 2015 general elections under APGA. Bob is the current special adviser to Anambra state Governor on Nollywood and Entertainment.

“I have been in politics since I was given the role of the special adviser on Nollywood and Entertainment in Anambra state under the leadership of this present administration. If you mean I am contesting for a post in the Anambra state House of Assembly, Yes I am interested in vying for a political position in 2015 general elections in Anambra state House of Assembly to represent Idemili North Constituency 1. I want to go to the grassroots” he said

Bob says he sees nothing wrong in Nigerian entertainers venturing into Politics as most of their US counterparts have also done same 

“People ask that a lot. Why are people raising eyebrow on it. A lot of people from other sectors have also gone into politics. There shouldn’t be an exception. In the US, a lot of entertainers are into politics. Why are journalist always asking this question? We are often called political actors. I don’t see anything wrong in entertainers going into politics. I am proud I put Nigeria on the world map as an actor. There is nothing bad in it if I do that in politics as well” he said

Asked who will sponsor him as politics involves a lot of money, the actor said

“Even when you shoot a movie, you need money for it as well. For me, it is not about the financial implication, it is the end result. We need to give hope to younger people. Let those who are sane, people who have been tested go in. I have been tested in the industry, I believe I am up to the task. Money has a role no doubt but we should not forget the end result” he said