Nigeria 2015: Why We’re Drumming Up Support For Jonathan – TAN

TANThe Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria, TAN, has given reasons why it is mobilising support for President Goodluck ahead of the 2015 general election in the country.

Ben Nwosu, TAN’s Director of Field Operations, said the support was because of Mr. Jonathan’s developmental strides in the country.

While speaking at the North Central rally organised by his group for the president, Mr. Nwosu said Mr. Jonathan’s administration had engaged many jobless youths across the country.

“He has done better than most presidents in office from aviation to agriculture, education and infrastructure development,” he said in the interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

Despite Mr. Jonathan criticising the various skill acquisition training programs by government agencies, TAN listed the trainings as one of the reasons for supporting the president.

“He is the first President that have actively engaged youths in various skills acquisition across the country in order to make them self-reliant”, Mr. Nwosu, who did not speak on the group’s source of finance, said.

Mr. Jonathan had on Wednesday described as ‘total waste’ the various training programmes embarked upon by government agencies.

“You are rather frustrating more people and probably increasing the number of criminals in the society”, the president told the agencies. “I always say that if you train a young man as a fitter and he has no job to do, he or she will use that skill to break into banks, because you have trained him on how to handle iron and how to handle complicated locks”.

Apart from the training programs, Mr. Nwosu said the president practices true democracy in governing the country. He added that this had led to robust acceptance of criticism from the opposition.

He said the call on the President to re-contest was not going to turn him into ‘president for life’.

“Four years is not a life time. Those criticising him have not done better than him. Therefore, he should be allowed to complete the good work he has started”.