Policeman under investigation for taking selfie while man was commiting suicide

selfiepoliceA policeman has been caught taking a selfie as a man prepared to jump to his death from a bridge.

During the desperate man’s final moments, the selfie-obsessed cop is seen posing for a snapshot just feet away.

The man is caught in the background of the policeman’s shot, clinging to the bridge in the Turkish capital Ankara. Just seconds later he leapt almost 600ft to his death, after attempts by other officers to talk him down failed.

But a picture of the policeman’s heartless selfie has sparked fury in Turkey, and the officer in question now faces an investigation. The man who jumped from the bridge was later named as Sadrettin Saskın.

The 35-year-old was said to have been struggling with money problems.

Police spokesman Maksud Calik: “It was his third suicide attempt. Highly trained negotiators were trying to talk him into coming back onto the bridge when he suddenly let go and fell.”

But critics say the sight of a uniformed officer in high-visibility gear talking selfies with him as the background could have pushed him over the edge.

“It was at best insensitive and at worst criminally negligent,” said one social media commentator.

Police spokesman Calik said: “A full investigation into the officer’s conduct is ongoing. Any breach of duty identified will be disciplined.”