Woman In Court For Breaking Into Man’s House And R*ping Him

An obese woman has been charged with rape after she allegedly pinned a man down during a break-in and forced herself on him as he slept.

The 31-year-old victim told police in Seattle, United States, he awoke in the night to find Chantae Gilman on top of him in his apartment in the west of the city, Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported.

Gilman, who weighs 110kg, had pinned the man’s arms down and had put his penis inside her, police said.

The man said he didn’t know Gilman but recognised her as a “drug user in the area”. The 28-year-old woman reportedly knew one of the victim’s neighbours in the apartment complex.

She refused the man’s demands for her to get off him and told him to be quiet.
Eventually he was able to squeeze out from under her and force her out of his apartment.

A sexual assault examination was performed on the man later in the day with DNA found on him said to match Gilman.

Gilman told police she didn’t remember having sex with the man and described herself as mentally ill.

She has been charged with second-degree rape.



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