2015: If Jonathan Rigs Himself Back Into Office, It May Signal The End Of Nigeria – Junaid Mohammed

jonathan_2015The National Coordinator, Coalition of Northern Politicians, Academics, Professionals and Businessmen, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, has warned that should President Goodluck Jonathan rig himself back to power in 2015 election, it might mark the end of Nigeria.

He said “Quote me, if this President rigs himself back into office in 2015, it may very well mark the end of this country”.

Mohammed, who attended the just concluded National Conference in Abuja as a delegate from Kano State, also described the president as divisive and very corrupt.

His words: “Jonathan is a divisive character. He is not only tribalistic, he is clannish. He is very corrupt, irresponsible and he is not ashamed to lie. He has done more damage to the psyche of the average Nigerian that any other government in recent memory”.

It would be recalled that about two weeks ago, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, endorsed President Jonathan as the party’s sole candidate for the 2015 presidential election.


  1. @Delight it is obviously for people like yoy that Nigeria will never be a United entity, you are so myopic in your thinking, you just exhibited ethnic jingoism and religious gangsterism. Prove how he is the best, simple.

  2. jonathan will win the 2o15 election under free and fair conduct but as for division of nigeria,i want to state it clear here that the one nigeria slogan is fake and against the will of God and that is why we re already divided indirately and even though i don’t have any grudges against anybody but i will always stand where GOD stands and that is therefore if the wining of jonathan will mark the end of one nigeria then it shall made me to believe that the God who saved the the children of israel out of egyptian land still thesame and active and i will like the same free if GOD in heaven can made president jonathan the moses of our days in nigeria and i will praise the most high all the days of my life because we never had a leader since incerption but rullers,and my prayer from today is father in heaven if jonathan can bring us salvation in this animal kingdom then i give the GOD 100% likes.

  3. Goodluck will win and Junaid Muhammed would have nothing to do about it. If you like turn all the northerner to Boko haram, you cannot stop Goodluck from winning. And if Goodluck winning will divide nigeria then Biafra is ready, Niger delta is also ready. It is obvious that Jubaid and northerner are behind boko haram, they are using it to de- stabilise and discredit jonathan but they forgot that they are gradually destroying the north, whatever a man sows that he shall reap. Abacha and all the leaders from the north who governed this nation, looted this nation and junaid did not see anything wrong with that. In Goodluck administration ministerial appointment is shared equally to the states and the zone, so Junaid go to hell if you like Goodluck rules come 2015.

  4. junaid or July is a confussionist where were you Obasanjo rulers this country with iron hands did you air? of cause if you did you would have been a death sole by now, you feel Jonathan is a true Democrat that’s why you can talk but before you think of dividing this country you might ve joint you ancestors, Have you forgotten Gaddafi who said he will divided Nigeria 2015 where is he today be warned allow God to decide not you

  5. Dis useless man has started wt inflammatory statements again..born to rule fool..had various appointment from kano state n still kano has hieghest alamajiri n he still talking abt power..fool go n sleep..if jonathan knw rule reach 2019 der wl b no nigeria again..idiot..gej carry go jare

  6. Dear Junaid Mohammed!
    The game is up. Nigeria is for all now if it must remain One Country.
    We want an indivisible one strong Nigeria. The weight of those who have no other business than government and her money, is becoming too heavy on those who labour on every human front to bear.Read the mood of the Nation. People like you are forgetting themselves. Ask yourself who would or can do without who? Jonathan has already won its a no contest affair and After that Ibos must must must takeover. 36 of 50 its the North against others. Its only fair in the interest of unity that those who work hardest and produce the most be acknowledged. Read the signs and be guided.

  7. Is there anything the man about Jona that’s not correct?
    He is the most corrupt president Nigeria ever produced. He action and inaction depict this. I’m very sure that majority of people of this country are tired of him being president. And me can’t wait to VOTE him OUT!!!
    Baba nla NONSENSE like Fela used to say.

  8. This Junaid man is a senseless and good for nothing empty-headed northerner, does he think all Nigerians are animalistic like his people? Or does he think Nigerians (excluding the boko haram sponsors under the umbrella of APC) will be caught unawares as was the case in 2011? Then he needs to go buy more APCs for their APC boys, bcos come Valentine 2015, both Junaid and their foot-soldiers will be nowhere to be found. Nutty coward @ the National Conference, they are boiling because Jonathan is christian, the born-to-rule northerners spoiled, and are still spoiling what Jonathan is fixing today, no wonder they don’t teach history in any northern university, because they want to keep their foot-soldiers uninformed. Uncle GEJ, let’s go shock them all, come valentine’s day, 2015

  9. The kind of statements some people make – north or south; underpins the total lack of patriotic spirit in most Nigerians. Jonathan can only be so sorely criticized by people who assess Nigeria’s standing ONLY based on their own, while hating others to blazes. Certainly, Dr Junaid Mohammed is one of the many of those; I also read very caustic calls, of such hues, from the so-unpatriotic opposition APC. But, fortunately, Nigeria, herself, has plans against all those hatching stroke plans for her. Some idiots suggest that Dr Jonathan subscribed to just one-term of office; and I ask them: why not two terms? Why would anybody be interested, not in Dr Jonathan’s good governance, but in his term? Nigeria is changing realistically for the good of all, under Dr Jonathan, in spite of the many troubles incited against his Administration. Very close by, is the waterloo, the enemies of a unanimous, united Nigeria, are searching for. They will sink real bad!!!

  10. As much as we try to share our views on matters like this I ll like to indulge us to be objective and sensitive rather than been sentimental. Let me quote wot one of our past and late Head of State said in times past he said “Any insurgent that thrives more than 24 hours is more hands of the govt involvement”. Pls let’s nt forget that Nigeria is too big an entity for a particular ethnic group or otherwise any form of groups to hold it into ransom. This govt has crippled the middle class than any other administration has ever done since democracy.take it or leave it