Arms Deal: Oritsejafor Was Set Up – CAN

The South West chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has blamed the criticism faced by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) over the use of his private jet for the procurement of arms for the country, on the Federal Government.

In a communiqué signed by the association’s chairman, Archbishop Magnus Adeyemi Atilade in Osogbo, Osun State, CAN opined that the National Security Adviser, and Defence Minister should be questioned to explain what they knew about the deal, which has further strained relationship between Nigeria and South Africa after the seizure of $9.3milion meant for the procurement of arms by the South African Government.

The Christian body said from the look of things, Oritsejafor could have been set up, as his jet, which was hired for the deal was not in his control when it was leased to whoever took it to South Africa.

“Dasuki and Gwarzo should be questioned and they should provide urgent answers to this national embarrassment to Nigerians,” CAN noted.


  1. I believed that those who are blaming or accusing Pastor Ayo on the $9.3 millions does not. Know what they are talking including some of clergys.Pastor Ayo gave his jet to an airline operators on lease and operators rented to some customer who now used it to carry the money in question.Did pastor Ayo knew about this transactions? infertically no because is no longer his business but the airline please leave that man alone for God’s sake.

  2. What they are upto is only God who knows it but wicked ones always fail as long last God we pray you keep xposing them till when the truth come out. And my advice to my christian neighbors to change there statement that muslims are the Boko haram as they head what their pastor is facing which every body must similarly think he is part of boko haram as I did bli.v

  3. He Registered the plane as an instrument of evangelism only to be used for arms procurement n this arms deal didn’t pass through due process which shows its illegality n source of weapons for BH n militants…what was Asari Dokubo doing in the same aircraft? Is Asari the Assistant Pastor to Oritsejafor or treasurer….bullshit

  4. CAN is an acronym for criminal organisation of nigeria. They are made up of crooks called pastors. CAN under okogie was disciplined but when crook took over they destroyed it. Ayo is an arms dealer masquerading as a pastor. His co accomplices are trying to cover him up. I have been praying for God to expose him and am glad he did. He is a crook and must resign, no matter the image laundry campaign.