Guy Sent To Prison After Urinating Inside 3-Year-Old’s Mouth


A man from Scranton, Pennsylvania will spend the next four years in prison after he decided to urinate on a three-year-old child. Not only did James Acevedo-Schneider urinate on the child, he also forced the three-year-old boy to drink his urine.

According to the Times Tribune, James Acevedo-Schneider said he was extremely drunk from drinking Four Lokos when he peed on the three-year-old boy and thought it was a funny game.

James told police that he and the three-year-old boy were at war with each other. He went on to tell police that two weeks ago he urinated in a cup and made the child drink his urine.

James Acevedo-Schneider was found with the screaming three-year-old boy by Scranton Patrolman Matthew Phillips. When the child’s mother came back to the house, the child screamed out to his mother and told her James urinated in his mouth.

Not only will James Acevedo-Schneider have to serve his jail sentence, he will be placed on the Pennsylvania sex offenders registry for the next 15 years.