High-Tech Toy That Lets Others Know If You Are Lying or Telling the Truth


The Kokoro Scanner (Heart Scanner) is a high-tech Japanese invention that can spice up classic party games such as ‘Truth or Dare’. It is a lie detecting device that is worn on the forehead and changes color to indicate the truthfulness of a person’s responses.

Created by Tokyo-based toy company ‘Takara Tomy’, the scanner works a lot like a polygraph machine – it monitors the pulse using infrared rays. So when you make a person wear it, it first monitors their heart rate to establish a baseline. Then, you ask them a question, the wearer responds, and the device monitors the heart rate once more to compare it with the baseline.

It then flashes green if the person’s pulse is normal indicating that they’re telling the truth, yellow if they might be lying, and red if they are lying for sure. Because the light is attached to the person’s forehead, they won’t be able to tell what color is flashing while they’re being interrogated with all sorts of embarrassing questions.

Understandably, the Kokoro scanner is a bestseller in Japan, especially because the end of the year is their prime party season. The device is also available in the US for $50, and it comes with a set of 15 sample questions on varied subjects, right from secret fantasies to relationships.

The company’s promotional video promises that “Everyone will have a fun, exciting time together.” They also mentioned that their inspiration to create the device came from the Japanese police force’s decision to use lie detectors on new recruits in order to filter out sex offenders, which is kind of creepy…

Of course, the Kokoro scanner is only a toy and the colors are just indicators of what might be the truth. You couldn’t hold a person accountable based on the device’s results, especially not as evidence in a court of law. However those who have tried it report that it is very accurate for a toy and a lot of fun at parties. I wouldn’t want to be the person wearing it, though!

SOURCE; http://www.odditycentral.com/technology/kokoro-scanner-a-japanese-high-tech-toy-that-lets-others-know-if-you-are-lying-or-telling-the-truth.html