Oritsejafor Calls For Three-Day Prayers, Fasting

Ayo OritsejaforThe Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has raised the alarm over the persistence of wickedness and acts of evil in the country, saying such acts have bedeviled the country and held her back from progressing.

National President of CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, therefore, called on Nigerians to embark on a three days fasting and prayers simultaneously in all places of worship to atone for sins committed before God.

According to Oritsejafor, the prayers expected to hold simultaneously in churches and places of worship in all states and Local Governments in Nigeria, shall commence on Friday, Oct. 17 and end on Sunday Oct. 19.

The CAN president in a statement which he personally signed on Wednesday in Abuja, said the spiritual exercise became necessary due to the persistence of wickedness and acts “that have plagued our dear nation and is preventing the full rain of blessings on our land”.

He said, “On behalf of CAN, I wish to draw the attention of brothers and sisters in the Lord to the persistence of wickedness and acts that have plagued our dear nation and is preventing the full rain of blessings on our land.

“These acts, as we should have been aware, are not normal and ordinary to some of us and therefore calls for action on our part as spiritual leaders. It is against this background that I call on the Nigerian Christian community to embark on a three-day national fasting and prayer programme for peace and unity in Nigeria and for effectual prayers that the wickedness of the wicked come to an end and the rain of blessings to fall on Nigeria”.


    For how long do we intend to continue prayer and fasting over our sins when we refuse to repent? Our ministers of God seem to have lost their bearing.
    How many of these leaders that they are closed to have they told the truth about the situation in through country and their failure to follow God’s dictates? Have they ever called those attending their worship centres on what God wants from them outside tithes? Do they border to inquire why the millions donated to them come from? Hypocrites! Asking for prayer without repentance?
    Let Oriteja

  2. Oritzejafor is not serious. How many days fasting and prayer did he observe when he collected his Jet “gift”? How many times has he come out and say the truth about the sorry situation in the country? If Nigeeia has been a sane country, he’d not even be heard in public again. Fool!

  3. Oritjeshafor is the cheapest devil in town…a close friend of the renowned Asari Dokubo. He claims to own an aircraft which actually belongs to GEJ to fuel and service BH operations…ably assisted by Dokubo…and now calling for crocodile prayers. How can these people’s end be different from that of BH leader, Mohammed Yusuf having shed so much of innocent blood of the Nigerian people in their desperation to remain in power?