Terrorism: Jonathan Lauds Renewed Commitment From Neighbours

President Goodluck Jonathan has lauded the renewed support for the war against terrorism in Nigeria, shown by the country’s neighbours in the last few days.

Speaking at an audience with Emmanuel Issoze Ngondet, a Special Envoy of President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon, Jonathan applauded the “renewed and heightened commitment” of Niger, Chad, Benin Republic and Cameroon to joining forces with Nigeria to rid the West African sub region of the scourge of terrorism and violent extremism.

According to him, attack b terrorists on one should be seen as attack on all civilized nations. He therefore called for a stronger and more effective regional, continental and global alliance against terrorism and its perpetrators.

“Boko Haram and similar terrorist groups kill people indiscriminately hiding under religious beliefs that are not found in any of the Holy Books.

“They do not represent any civilised and rational people. Civilized and rational people of the world who are in the clear majority must therefore join forces to confront and defeat them,” Jonathan said.

He therefore expressed appreciation to President Ondimba for Gabon’s pledge to support Nigeria’s fight against insurgency, promising that the country woud not relent until it successfully ends the scourge.