Boko Haram: Troops Commence Offensive To Reclaim Taken Towns

Th military’s ‘Operation No Mercy’ aimed at flushing out Boko Haram terrorists from Nigeria’s northeast, has begun.

Some foreign troops have also joined the Nigerian military in the fight against the insurgents, Nigerian Tribune reports, citing ‘an informed source’.

According to the source, foreign fighter helicopters are also involved in the operation to wipe out the insurgents in the area, one of which however crashed on Monday in Adamawa State. The pilots were said to have survived and were rescued.

The crash was said to be caused by technical faults and not enemy action.

The Nigerian Tribune further reports that the Nigerian troops had fought side by side with their foreign counterparts to recapture most of the towns Boko Haram had taken. They are said to be advancing to Mubi.

Some of the foreign troops, according to the source, were Israelis and Americans.

Intelligence reports were said to have revealed that ISIS terrorists had been supporting Boko Haram, which has made the foreign troops to join the fight to send them out of the North-East, as the international community was worried with the new dimension the terrorists’ action had taken, owing to the support of ISIS, and had therefore vowed to flush them out from this part of Africa.


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