Jihadists kill 28 Christians on Kenyan bus after asking passengers to prove they’re muslims


28 Christians were killed yesterday morning Nov. 22nd after Islamic Shebab extremists ambushed a bus in Kenya as it headed for Nairobi from Mandera, a town close to Somalia.

According to reports, the heavily armed extremists separated the Muslims from the Christians by asking them to recite verses from the Qu’ran. Then they ordered the Muslims to get off the bus and then shot the Christians point blank in the head before escaping back to Somalia.

A Spokesman for Shebab later said the 28 travelers were killed in retaliation for a raid on mosques in  Mombasa, Kenya last week.


  1. Muslims ar just terrorists,no matter how they try 2 defend it. They ar d problem we ar having all over d world 2day,unleashing terror here n there. But some fanatics among them hav blindly failed 2 accept dis truth,that u ar a muslim nd u ar not among those used 2 pepatrate dis terrorism does not make u free 4rm dis evil act cos ur children maybe used 2morrow bcos it has been like a trend but some of them ar kept on d dark,but they must not go unpunished bcos bloodshading is a very serious sin b4 God. Repent now and renounce islam cos its a religion of terror nd violence.

  2. what do you expect from those that believe In the lies of fallen angels, those that bow to the sun, a demonic angel that always thirst for blood. our hope is on God, we all know the end… when Christ comes, all these evil will end once and for all for eternity!


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