Jimmy Jatt, Praiz, Kaffy, Ali Baba, others join Lamboginny & Clayy in #IAmBroken


Celebrities and members of the society have joined a new movement tagged #iambroken an initiative of positive like minds coming together to create solutions to immediate problems facing the society

The #iambroken  campaign is a reminder of the state of mind of the African youths who have been disappointed by so many societal factors. It is a cry for change.

The duo believe that before a problem is solved you must accept that there’s a problem in the first place.

The Lamboginny & Clayy project started with a massive awareness campaign on Ebola virus disease at the Nanti Village of Snake Island, where they donated free hand sanitizers to every member of the village. They also gave out scholarships to kids in Lagos. They are also involved  in paying for surgery for kids whose parents can’t afford it. Going forward, the broken project will include more scholarships, concerts and donations.

What are you broken about in the society? Join the cry for change on social media #IamBroken