Jonathan’s Re-election: Group Tells North To Forget Presidency In 2015

The Continuity Mandate Group (CMG), Kaduna Chapter, has advised Northern Nigeria to wait until 2019 when President Goodluck Jonathan, representing the South-South, would have completed two terms, before talking about which zone gets power next.

The group, which noted that the North has had its fair share of power from 1960 till date, urged the North to stop talking about return of power to the region for now.

“We are asking the northerners and their leaders what they want to now use the power for if they get it again?” a statement by the group said.

“It is unfortunate that after many years of holding to power, the North has nothing tangible to show in the region, except poverty, high level of unemployment, illiteracy, violence and Boko Haram insurgency.

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“If the presence of Boko Haram in the North is due to poor economic condition and deprivation what hope do we have if we give power to the North in 2015,” the statement signed by Benard Musa, coordinator of the Kaduna chapter of the group.

According to the group, the constitution gave every zone the right to demand for power, but maintained that the North and its people have no moral rights to demand for power at the centre.

The group therefore urged the ordinary citizens of the North to shun the greed and selfish quest for power by the northern elite and support the bid for the return of Jonathan.


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