Labour Party Slams Jonathan’s Critics

The Labour Party (LP) has faulted critics of President Goodluck Jonathan’s formal declaration to run for re-election, saying his had the right to do so.

“Jonathan has the right to present himself for election just as the Constitution gives Nigerians equal right to elect or reject him,” a statement by the party’s National Secretary, Mr Olukayode Ajulo said.

The party also faulted allegations that Boko Haram was created by the government to cause destabilization and shift focus from 2015 general elections.

According to the LP, Boko Haram had existed even before the Jonathan administration. The party therefore described “such unfounded allegation,” as myopic, and a way of “to trying to score cheap political points with an issue that threatens the corporate existence of the country.”



  1. Does it mean lp doesn’t no their focus rather than it to solve its leadership and existence crisis its trying to solve, well one can be surprised since it doesn’t have focus

  2. Infact you are a disgrace to Nigeria & Nigerians. U should oppose the government that are making things hard for the common man (as opposition) but rather u are suprting the GEJ administration just for a cheap long throat. Na money or apointment u want? U no get shame. (Bitrayer)


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