Oyegun: Save Nigeria From PDP!

National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Mr. John Oyegun has urged Nigerians not to give the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) the chance to finish off Nigeria, as the party had continuously assaulted the country for the past 16 years.

Speaking at a world press conference in Abuja where he commented on the state of the nation, Oyegun pointed out that President Goodluck Jonathan’s decision to stage a public declaration for his re-election, when he was yet to stop insurgency in the north east nor deliver on his promises when he was seeking election in 2011, showed that he does not have Nigerians at heart.

“Do not give the party that has savaged Nigeria in the last 16 years an opportunity to finally finish off our dear nation. The PDP cannot deliver on any of the same promises it has failed to honour in over a decade and a half in power,” he said.

Oyegun therefore called on Nigerians to disregard Jonathan’s call for re-election. “Two days ago, you heard President Goodluck Jonathan announce himself as the candidate of the PDP and asked Nigerians for another four years as President. You heard a lot of claims, misrepresentations and voodoo statistics, none of which can stand the barest scrutiny.

“You heard excuses for failure to fix basic infrastructure, arrest unprecedented levels of corruption and halt the march of terrorists daily inching nearer all of us. You heard promises that sound familiar because you have heard them all before since his six (6) years of President Jonathan.

“Disregard them!” the APC national chairman said.


  1. The Abuja declaration by President Jonathan to contest the presidential elections in 2015 on the backdrop of Boko-Haram bloody attack upon Nigerian school children in Potiskum is indeed a public show of shame of a president, his family and entourage comprising of ubiquitous and psychophantic Governor Akpabio (Mr. 16 is greater than 19 pseudo democracy and Jonathan’s spin-doctor) who was used by Jonathan to destroy the voice of the Nigerian Governors’ forum and his cohorts.
    President Goodluck Jonathan has indeed exceeded Abacha’s infamous regime for lacking in human feeling and dancing on the grave of innocent students and Nigeria’s future hope who were sent to their untimely deaths in a country where the president cannot provide adequate security for her citizens who will rather dance for re-election than secure the safety of innocent children. We ask Dame Jonathan on behalf of Nigerians that if her daughter is one of the captured Chibok girls or bombed Potiskum children , will she be allowing her husband to be staging and dancing or declaring at all?
    While the nation was mourning the death of her greater tomorrow, Jonathan was bereft of human feeling declaring to contest for a position previously freely-given to him by Nigerians of which he is found grossly wanting in performance. It is on record that Jonathan has scored a failed mark by local, national and international standards in the assessment and evaluation of the performance of his duties as the ruler and leader of Nigeria.
    The question is – Must Jonathan rule by force?
    And the resounding answer of the people of Nigeria is NO!!!!!!!
    Having been found wanting in their duties, Nigerians are yearning for a replacement for Jonathan and Sambo by persons who have the milk of human kindness in them and the fear of God. Such cannot be less than Muhammadu Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo.
    On behalf of all Progressives and the suffering people of Nigeria who are not less than 90 percent of the electorate, we issue a red card of rejection against Jonathan and Sambo’s candidature in the 2015 presidential contest.
    We now call on the suffering people of Nigeria to rise up and claim their rights to good, sound and secured living through casting and standing by their votes in 2015 until true results are declared.
    A word is enough for the wise!