Tayo, 7 Other Housemates Up For Eviction This Week


If you have been following this year’s edition of the BBA show, you would know that the Nigerian rep — Tayo, is a strong contender to win.

With the game coming to an end soon, the competition is becoming stiffer. This week’s nominations separates the safe, and the not so safe housemates.

The nominated housemates are Goitse, Idris, JJ, Sheillah, Tayo, Sipe, Trezagah and Ellah.

Trezagah’s movement during a freeze task landed him a spot on the list.

Head of House Macky2 added Ellah in place of himself, making it her sixth time on the chopping board.Many assume that the fact that she has been saved so many times, shows that she is indeed a strong contender.

What’s your take???