Woman Claims Her Dog Can Put People In A Trance Simply by Staring Into Their Eyes


A four-year-old German dog known as Princess, is supposedly the world’s only hypnodog, that is, a dog that can hypnotize people. She has been showing off her unique skill on stage for the past two years, alongside a qualified hypnotist Krystyna Lennon, who happens to be her owner. Read more on O’Central:

According to Lennon, Princess is able to make people fall asleep by just staring into their eyes. This might be linked to the primal ability of dogs to hypnotize their prey, but no other dog has ever been able to do it to humans before. “As far as I am aware, she is definitely the only hypnodog in the UK – possibly even the world,” Lennon asserted.

The Leeds-based mother-of-three said that Princess can hypnotize anyone, but some people react more strongly than others. “It is definitely not something that just any dog can do, it is a very specific skill,” she added. “They either have it or they don’t. It’s about their natural ability, it’s all down to the dog. They need to be very well trained and well behaved.”

Understandably, a lot of people are skeptical when they first hear about the dog’s power. Lennon said that they don’t believe a dog can actually do such a thing. “But once they see it, they are gobsmacked,” she revealed. “Some people even think she is a puppet and not even a real dog.”

Dog experts, on the other hand, simply refuse to believe the whole story. According to dog psychologist Stan Rawlinson, canines might be able to induce relaxation, but certainly can’t hypnotize people. “It is the person that is working with the dog that is doing the hypnotizing through her actions and tone of voice,” he insisted.