British Nurse Borrowed Friend’s Child To Fake Having Baby


A nurse who was jilted after a one-night stand ‘borrowed’ her friend’s baby, and used her position to fake a DNA test and birth certificate to convince a man that they had a child together. The Telegraph reports:

Charmaine Wilson tricked Liam Griffiths into thinking he was the the father of the baby boy for six months, leading to Mr Griffiths and his family to shower gifts on the child, Cardiff Crown Court heard. They bought her a car to help her get to work at The Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend, and started building the mother and child a small house on the grounds of the family home.

But Wilson on Monday walked free from court, after a judge ruled that her original prison sentence, handed down last month, was too harsh.

Judge David Wynn Morgan told Wilson, 25, that she had left Mr Griffiths “with a feeling of loss similar to bereavement” because of the lie. However, he found that a 16-week jail term handed to Miss Wilson by a magistrates’ court was excessive, freeing her after 23 days inside.

The judge handed Wilson a 32-week sentence, suspended for two years, on the condition that she attend a victim awareness, or ‘thinking skills’, course. Wilson’s fraud was discovered when a real relative of the boy spotted a picture of him with Mr Griffiths, 31, on Facebook. The relative broke the news to Mr Griffiths that he could not be the father, leaving him distraught.