FG Warns Of Covert Plans By ISIS To Recruit Nigerian Youths As Fighters

national_orientation_agency_noa_mike_omeri_The Federal Government has raised the alarm that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are scouting to recruit youths as fighters and urged members of the public to be at alert and shun any such recruitment into the terrorist organization.

The Director-General, National Orientation Agency (NOA) and Coordinator, National Information Center (NIC), Mr. Mike Omeri, broke the news in a statement, citing intelligence reports.

Omeri said recent intelligence reports indicated that three South Africans were among fighters recruited by ISIS agents posing as humanitarian support groups for refugees and orphans.

Noting that ISIS was scouting for fighters around the Islamic world and Africa, the national coordinator urged Nigerians to avoid being deceived into joining the terror group as doing so will negate the true nature and spirit of Nigerians.

He said: “Nigerians are known the world over to be selfless, hospitable and humanitarian. We believe in the brotherhood of all mankind and no one should be allowed to take advantage of these virtues or turn them into vices.

“Nigerians are therefore advised to report to security agencies without hesitation, any group or non-governmental agency, whose overt or covert activities are suspicious, or have tendencies to jeopardize the innocence of our youth and the security of our people wherever they are in the world”.

The NOA chief, however, assured that government was leaving no room to chance in the fight against terror and the protection of lives and properties.

Omeri also urged Nigerians to increase their confidence in the security efforts being made by the government, show greater cooperation with security agencies and ensure stricter compliance with security tips which are currently running on print and electronic media platforms.


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