Nigeria To Get N88.7bn Abacha Loot From State Of Jersey


The loot of late dictator General Sani Abacha are still scattered across several states around the world, despite the fact that Nigeria has already recovered over $1 billion. The new sum expected is about N88.7 billion.

State of Jersey, the biggest territory in the Channels Island, is set to return £315 million Abacha loot to Nigeria. The Island state had previously been returned to Nigeria in two tranches £140 million of the loot.

Micheal Birt, the Ballif of Jersey, disclosed this at a dinner in honour of Dr Dalhatu Tafida, Nigerian High Commissioner to the UK during a state visit to the Island.

Birt, who doubles as the Island’s Civic Head of State and ceremonial head, is the highest ranking official in the Jersey order of precedence.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the money was laundered on behalf of Abacha by Mr Raj Bhojwani, an Indian businessman, who is currently serving an eight-year sentence in a UK prison.

Birt said that the decision of the State to return the loot was in line with ongoing campaign against money laundering. The Island is known globally for its transparent banking services, but the perception that it is safe for money laundering is building up.

“We have done a lot to clean up the image of the Island as a safe haven for stolen wealth. What we have in place is a transparent and legal finance heaven where only legal funds can be deposited and accessed by investors.”

Tafida commended Birt for the Island’s transparent banking sector, and informed them of government’s commitment to fighting corruption and strengthening its anti-graft agencies.

He also emphasized Nigeria’s impressive economic growth and high return on investment rate.

“The array of investment opportunities that abound in the country and generous incentives available to investors in all sectors of the economy, has continued to make it a global investment destination,” Tafida said.


  1. For Gods sake how much did Abacha loot from Nigeria dat we have continued to repatriate for over 13 yrs. What have d successive govts being doing with d previous returns. Honestly our leaders have ruined dis country

  2. Tell me why God will not make a so call president who is supposed to sanitise and savage a people who were one time put under bondage by a military dictator even more unpopular than anyother in the world, when his celeberating and honouring the same Abacha simply cos he want to win a reelection in 2015.God isnt a fool, he won’t elevate such a president cos the he gave him work to he didntt do it. He didnt savage his people, he didnt fight for them, and yet the money looted re still coming enough to heal the people from abject poverty.But our president give and honour him for being a dictator,laundering and so on. Amin,the Govt is insensitive n callous.Now is fresh money from Jerssy,let Nigerian reject the money that it is not ours.ok


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