PDP Backs Jonathan Over Warning To Politicians On Incendiary Comments

Olisa-MetuhThe leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party has thrown its weight behind President Goodluck Jonathan on his recent warning to political leaders and some former public office holders to desist from sowing seeds of discord among the people with their incendiary comments.

PDP National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Olisa Metuh, in a statement on Saturday described the president’s statement as a “perfect act in nationalism, the mark of true leader who is committed to the interest and welfare of the nation and her citizens” and urged the opposition to heed this caution, show decency, patriotism and shun do-or-die quest for power.

According to Metuh, the president had shown that he is “a committed national and patriotic leader, a decent politician, a lover of a united, stable and prosperous Nigeria and a champion of the integrity of the nation’s electoral process”.

The PDP spokesperson pointed out that “It is the height of hypocrisy that the All Progressives Congress, known for making inflammatory and divisive statements would turn round to point a finger of guilt at the President.

“It is indeed unfortunate that instead of retracing their steps, as all well-meaning citizens would have done under the circumstance, the APC, in their desperation, went ahead to justify their unguarded statements with renewed personal attack on the President.

“By refusing to heed calls by patriotic Nigerians including the President to shed their penchant for inciting statements, and for showing no remorse over the fact that their statements fuel violence and insurgency, the APC has again confirmed that it is a party of unpatriotic elements on a mission to destroy our country”.

Metuh said this action has further confirmed the APC as a party of determined and irredeemable anarchists.