Runner Uses GPS App To Propose Marriage



A 28-year-old British runner popped the question to his girlfriend on Facebook by spelling out “will you marry me” with a GPS tracking app’s map function. UPI covers the story:

Ben Chudley of Portsmouth, England, said he enjoys using his GPS running app to create “Urban Pictionary” drawings and messages while out running and he decided to use the app to ask girlfriend Olivia Abdul for her hand in marriage.

Chudley said his run was about 15 miles, but he only used 5.7 miles with the GPS app so the ensuing map showing his route would spell out “will you marry me.”

Chudley said he posted the map on Facebook so Abdul would see it before he arrived with flowers and a ring. He told the BBC his post-first plan “could have been very embarrassing if she had said no.” However, Abdul happily accepted the proposal.

“I think I made out a muffled yes underneath the crying!” Chudley wrote in the comments section of his Facebook post. Chudley’s previous “Urban Pictionary” projects, which he said were inspired by accidentally creating a rude image while using the app to track his runs, include a dinosaur, a stick figure, SpongeBob Squarepants and the word “mum.”