Military Set For Major Attack As Terrorists Occupy Area ‘As Large As Belgium’

Boko Haram insurgents

The military has finalised plans to conduct “once and for all comprehensive operations” towards the elimination of the Boko Haram terrorists in the North East.

PRNigeria, an online news platform with consultancy links with the security forces, reports that areas presently under Boko Haram occupation could already be as large as Belgium, judging from reports from international media and satellite images.

According to the news medium, “political authorities which now feel so disturbed by the activities of the terrorists, especially after viewing the latest video release from the terror group which claimed that it already had enough weapons to take on Nigeria and its neighbours, have endorsed the military plan and expressed full support for it.”

“The determined onslaught has also received the assurance of cooperation and support of Cameroon, Niger and Chad, which have now realised the danger posed by continuing to allow terrorists free movement across the borders,” PRNigeria quoted a source as saying.

“Nigerian military is reviewing strategies in the combat against terrorists to accommodate joint and combined operations with neighbouring military organisations. Massive deployment of air and amphibious assets are expected to feature in the operation. Preparatory to this mission, the Defence Headquarters has changed the General Officer Commanding the 7 Division which is the leading formation in the counter-terrorism campaign.

“The deployment for the mission is expected to facilitate the elimination of safe havens and escape routes of terrorists in or out of Nigeria. The arrangement has enlisted the support of the military forces of neighbouring countries towards ensuring that the plan to effectively block the terrorists for elimination while they are being pounded in the ongoing counter terrorism campaign is effectively attained.

“The operation will commence very soon and is expected to terminate well before the February 14 elections so that Nigerians living in every part of the country can vote in their towns and villages.”

However, innocent citizens living in the areas where the terrorists presently operate are expected to have temporarily vacated any area infested by terrorists for safe towns away from the theatre of operations, the news platform noted.


  1. Their are there planing slowing while BH are still attacking seriously, there will b no election for nigerians if this blood shedding continues, monguno again this morni, what’s happening?only maiduguri lift now all d LGA are no more due to BH attack.