Eight Killed In Baghdad Bombs And Rocket Fire


Not less than eight people were killed by bombs and rocket fire in Baghdad on Friday, police and medical sources said. Reuters report:

They said a bomb exploded in the predominantly Sunni neighborhood of Al-Saydiya, in southern Baghdad, killing three civilians while two Katyusha rockets hit the nearby neighborhood of al-Shurta, killing two people.

Three more people were killed when another bomb exploded in Saba al-Bour neighborhood in the north of the capital.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks, which came as Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi’s government battles Islamic State fighters who control large swathes of northern and western Iraq, and have sent bombers into the capital. On Tuesday, a string of deadly attacks killed at least 37 people.

Police also discovered the bodies on Friday of six unidentified young men in Baghdad’s northern al-Husseiniya district. The men, who had been shot dead, were blindfolded and their hands were tied behind their backs.