Ex-militant Says Nigeria May Disintegrate If Attacks In The North Continue


Founder of the ex-Niger Delta Militants Revolutionary Front, General John Bosco Caterpillar, has declared that Nigeria will be forced to disintegrate if the current wave of violence meted to the nation’s minorities are not checked.

Caterpillar, who spoke with newsmen, condemned the attack on minorities resident in the northern part of the country, whose businesses and livelihood have been cut short due to the incessant violence and bomb blasts. He described the recent wave of attacks by the northern extremists as a plan to destabilise the government of President Goodluck Jonathan.

However, the former militant said that the Niger Delta militants, who had willingly decided to surrender their armed struggle, could soon be pushed back into violence to defend their kith and kin.

He therefore called on security agencies to apprehend the leaders of the North, who had through their various comments, promoted violence and inhumanity perpetrated in the north.

“We expect that by now the security agencies should have told us the number of people they have arrested for crimes against the state like inciting the people to violence, treason and even terrorism as they have variously supported terrorism and even called for violence through their declaration,” he said.

Speaking further, Caterpillar condemned the recent attack on President Jonathan’s convoy in Gombe State, which he called an assassination attempt.

“Threats and violence have been visited on supporters of Goodluck Jonathan, which clearly shows that the elections have already been rigged. Mr President’s supporters are being forced out of the North on a daily basis without their votes being transferred to their home states.

“This is systematic rigging and marginalisation and we won’t sit back and allow our people suffer such injustice.”