Indian Man Hit His Gateman With A Car For Opening His Gate Too Slowly


If patience is really a virtue, then Mohammed Isham, a millionaire in New Delhi, India is the farthest thing from virtuous. Isham rammed his Hummer SUV into his security guard who was being slow to open up the gates to his apartment, pinning the poor man to the wall.

As if that wasn’t enough, he came down and beat the security guard whose name is Chandrabose with an iron rod, till people intervened. Nisham is now been charged with murder.

Chandrabose subsequently died, in hospital as a result of the serious injuries he suffered.
“We have charged him with murder after the guard passed away on Monday and Nisham has already been arrested and is in jail pending the trial. It is a shocking incident which shows Nisham’s arrogant behaviour and psychological problems,”said Police Chief, Nishantini Thrissur.
However, a security report from New Delhi revealed that the 39-year-old Nisham, who is the owner of a tobacco company has been charged in 10 previous police cases, most of which were settled out of court. In 2013, Nisham was said to have had a case with the police for allowing his 9-year-old son  drive his Ferrari, a clip of which went viral on social media, creating huge controversy. He was also accused of allegedly locking up a female constable in his Rolls Royce after she asked him to stop for a routine check.