Obasanjo’s PDP Exit A Death Warrant For The Party — Kwankwaso

Obasanjo Dumps PDP

Kano State governor, Dr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, has described the exit of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as a fatal blow to the party. He also said it was an indication that the death warrant of the party is about to be signed in March 28 presidential election.

Kwankwaso said this on Monday, in an interview, where he noted that the former president is a personality of great substance, whose influence as a politician and elder statesman is too important to be ignored.

“At the time we were telling people that we can pull a surprise when we left the party, it appears that many people did not believe us. Now that we left, they have started realising the fact that a great damage has been done.”

According to him, the five governors had proven to everyone that they had the political might to decide the fate of the party, given the spectacular role they played in making it formidable, an affirmation that the party had failed to live up to its expectation in giving democracy a human face.

“I think it is those people who are the bad riddance to the party, the PDP. I think they said the same thing when we left PDP; and I can tell you every right thinking person in this country, especially, within the PDP, now know that for five of us to leave that party — it was a very big blow to it, there is no question about it. Our influence — the five of us, is not just within the states we control. Probably, you must have seen it during the primary election,” he said.

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