Proponents Of Polls Shift Unrelenting, Says APC • Slams FG For Engaging In Scaremongering

lai_mohammedThe All Progressives Congress, APC, has said in spite of the decision of the National Council of State on Thursday that the 2015 general elections must go on as scheduled, proponents of election postponement have not relented on their agenda to stop the polls.

The opposition party in a statement in Abuja on Friday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said, however, that those it called “the desperadoes”, would always fail in their “evil machinations”.

It noted that “no power is strong enough to defeat a determined people”.

The party cited the “provocative” call by the Chief Edwin Clark-led Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly for the postponement of the elections and the arrest of INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega, as one of the new antics of the election postponement campaigners.

APC added, “It is shameful that those who should be working hard to promote peaceful elections as scheduled are the same ones doing everything possible to trigger violence. Those who should ordinarily be seen as elder statesmen have degenerated to dangerous partisans and shameless promoters of a narrow, parochial interest, at the expense of the national interest.

“Who does not know that wherever President Goodluck Jonathan’s interest lies, therein you will find Chief Edwin Clark, whether or not it is in the national interest? Who does not know that the anarchic call by Chief Clark and his cohorts are being made at the behest of a frenzied Presidency?

“The irresponsible and divisive statement by PDP spokesman, Olisa Metuh, is another indication that those working hard to sink the elections have not given up. Why will Metuh make such an incendiary statement that the APC and INEC are working hand in hand to disenfranchise the supporters of the PDP by making sure they do not get PVCs, without a shred of evidence beyond sheer emotions.

“People like Metuh speak just because they could, not because what they say adds any value to purposeful democratic governance. Nigerians are undoubtedly confounded that the spokesman for a ruling party will be fanning the embers of ethnic discord, at such a sensitive time like this. There must be a limit to desperation”.

The statement called on Nigerians to reject those who would stop at nothing to destroy the nation instead of losing power through the ballot box.

The party also berated the Federal Government for planning to scare voters away from the polling booths during the February 14 and 28 elections.

It argued that this was the implication of the “so-called intelligence” announced by the Director-General of the National Orientation Agency and Coordinator of the National Information Centre, Mr Mike Omeri.

APC said, “Saying they got intelligence report that female suicide bombers are planning to attack polling booths during February elections is nothing but scaremongering and wishful thinking. In spite of them, the elections will proceed without violence because Nigerians are ready, willing and able to ensure that.

“Omeri, who is serving on the campaign committee of President Jonathan even as he is holding a sensitive national portfolio, should keep his intelligence to himself. No one but his masters will swallow his scaremongering, which is aimed at depopulating polling units during the elections”.

APC also urged the security agencies to ensure enhanced protection for all the 11 presidential candidates contesting next week’s election, in order to forestall a situation which it feared could be exploited in the Constitution, allowing election shift, if anything untoward should happen to any of the candidates.

The party also appealed to its members and supporters to remain calm and not to succumb to the antics of those who were bent on precipitating violence before, during and after elections, saying non-violence should be their watchword.


  1. INEC has no choice. It must postpone the election. More than half of the voters don’t have the PVC. With what will they vote? Will INEC permit the use of temporary cards? If not, more than 30million voters wil be de-enfrachised. This will not happen without legal battles.


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