See Man Plowing Snow With Motorized Toilet


A Maryland man has been sited clearing snow from Bethesda’s sidewalks with a snowplow attached to an unusual vehicle — a motorized toilet. UPI was there:

David Goldberg, owner of the Union Hardware store, said he created the motorized commode, dubbed “Loo-cille” or “Loo-cy” for Maryland Man Plows Snow With Motorized Toilet short, for last summer’s pride parade, and he is taking his hybrid vehicle out of the garage once again to clear snow from sidewalks.

“This is Loo-cy. Our motorized toilet that we did this summer for the pride parade. We just added a snow plow and [we’re] ready for tomorrow morning’s snow,” Goldberg said in sending a picture of the toilet plow to WUSA-TV.

Goldberg posted a video of the motorized toilet moving snow to YouTube.

“Taking something very private and making it a spectacle is a jolt to the system by itself. But having it plow snow… Over the top!” he wrote in the video’s description.

Goldberg said the toilet has a hybrid engine.