Teen Claims He Found A ‘Brain’ In His KFC Meal, Demands His Money Back


The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) said a “brain” found by a California teenager in his meal was not a ‘brain’ but actually a gizzard or a kidney, but the company agreed to refund the teen’s $4. UPI has more:

Manuel Cobarubies, a Stockton High School student, said he frequented his local KFC until early February, when he discovered the unidentified chicken organ in his $4 meal. “[It looked] like a brain to me. I mean at that point, red flags were kind of raised,” Cobarubies told KTXL-TV. “I ended up spitting it in the trash can because I get grossed out by that.”

Cobarubies tweeted a picture of the object and tagged KFC in the hopes of getting an explanation and a refund, but all he received was a brief apology. KTXL-TV tweeted at KFC and contacted the corporate office Monday, and hours later Cobarubies received a call from Richard Ramos, a KFC area consultant. Ramos said the object was not a brain, but rather a gizzard or a kidney and is safe to eat.

The teenager said Ramos told him he will receive his $4 refund. The consultant said cooks would be trained to ensure they are preparing the chicken correctly, but Cobarubies said he is probably through with the restaurant. “I’m probably just going to have to start packing my own meals, making my own sandwiches,” he said.