Why NASS Must Reject Obanikoro’s Ministerial Nomination – Lagos APC

Musiliu ObanikoroThe Lagos chapter of the All Progressives Congress has warned once again that unless Nigeria is a banana republic, there is no reason why Senator Musiliu Obanikoro’s name should be considered again for ministerial position, given his deep involvement in the Ekitigate election scandal.

In a release in Lagos by the State Publicity Secretary of the party, Joe Igbokwe, the party says Nigeria must not continue to reward persons with questionable and dubious character in a nation where good and quality people are not in short supply.

“Ekitigate scandal is such a weighty and monumental fraud that cannot be swept under carpet as it rocks and undermines the very foundation of our democratic journey.

“Senator Obanikoro and his forty thieves in Ekitigate scandal must be brought to book to serve as deterrent to others. When offenders are not punished the hearts of the people are schemed to continue to do wrong.

“What is the purpose of reappointing Senator Obanikoro who has just lost an election in Lagos as a Minister if not to continue to use the exalted position to plunder our common patrimony at this critical point in the nation’s history?

“Senator Obanikoro must be kicked in the ass and thrown out of the hallowed chamber of the National Assembly for decimating and desecrating our hard-earned democracy.

“With this singular act of representing this very bad and ugly candidate, the President is sending the wrong signals to the world that Nigeria is a nation of anything goes”.


  1. This so called igbokwe wants 2 use Obanikoro’s name to build a mansion in Lagos. Joe please obanikoro has more salt than you in all his endeavors. His smarter than you, looks better than you, more politically sound than you and as acquired more responsible position that u can ever dream of imagining. Pls face other serious political issues than focus on obanikoro.

  2. Another blunder from our so called president…. why hub nubing with criminals? cant he find credible pple to help run his govt? its so sad…. Obanikoro has never been a credible person. since his days of lagos island city hall…. what nonsense. is the president short of good ideas and pple around him.. He will loose the coming elections cos of his ways of doing things and the set of criminals all around him. I dont have any problems with Jona buh with the idiots he surrounded himself with..