Cynthia Morgan Blasts Bloggers Who Said She Got Bo*ob And Nose Jobs

She posted these photos on her instagram page and wrote;

“That Awkward moment when this blogger niggas say some real bullshits…I myself bow to some bloggers wen I read news about myself getting a nose and a bo*ob job…even a skin job? Ya’all jobless unlike the nose job n bo*ob job I spiritually got myself. I was barely 17 on this far left pic and my br*a cudnt even fit properly so I ges your fada gave me the money for the bo*ob job…I had to leave the dust on the pic so u guys wunt say I photoshopped the bo*ob.lmao.bloggers b warned abt your dead lies you carry about…you don’t even know me!yes you don’t! She is Queen. As you can obviously see.”