Na’Abba A ‘Paper-Weight’ Politician, He Won’t Be Missed – PDP Group

Ghali-Umar-Na'AbbaFollowing the resignation of a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ghali Umar Na’Abba from the Peoples Democratic Party, a group, Kano State PDP Frontiers, has described the action as a non-issue because Na’Abba “was of no value aside the relics of him serving an office of the Speaker”.

In a statement issued Monday in Kano by the coordinator of the group, Ahmed Sani Kabara, the group said the party and its stalwarts will not miss the former speaker as “his presence is of no impact, and his absence will not be felt”.

According to the group, “Na’Abba’s purported resignation from our great party, the PDP is nothing short of publicity stunt and an attempt to re-launch himself having lost public reckoning.

“As far as we are concerned, and this is open secret for anyone to verify, Ghali Na’Abba has never been of any use to PDP, rather it is the party that has done everything to him; lifting him from a nonentity to national fame. It therefore amounts to betrayal and biting the hands that feed him, for him to now dump the party.

“The former Speaker is known both in the local chapter of the party and the national level to exhibit traits that are self-centered and invariably unhealthy for a democratic setting. Someone who always wants to lord himself over people should have himself to believe when the table is turned against him”, the statement reads.

According to the group, “the former Speaker lacks both local grip and national gravitas as to be missed by the party at all levels”.

The group recalled that Na’Abba “woefully lost his re-election bid to the House of Representatives in 2003 despite occupying the number 4 seat of the House Speaker. And afterwards, he is not known to have promoted any candidate at any level that eventually succeed. When he vied for the Senate ticket in 2011, he could not garner any appreciable votes.

“Reading through Na’Abba’s so-called letter of resignation, one comes across someone who is gone too deep in the self-destruct path of arrogance and self-indulgence and cannot afford to be a follower despite being a paper-weight politician”, the group adds.

The Kano State PDP Frontiers, therefore, assured President Goodluck Jonathan and the leadership of the PDP not to lose sleep over Na’Abba’s resignation from the party because “a big name (former Speaker) is not the same thing as big influence”.

It would be recalled that Mr. Na’Abba on Sunday said he was leaving the PDP because it failed Nigerians despite years of being in power.

He specifically accused Jonathan of being the most divisive president since 1999 when PDP assumed leadership of the country.