President Jonathan, Patience, Planning To Assassinate Me – Fr. Mbaka

Ejike MbakaCoordinator of the Enugu-based Adoration Ministries, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has raised an alarm over plans by President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Patience, to kill him over his criticism of the Federal Government and his opposition to the president’s re-election.

The Catholic priest in a new video currently trending on YouTube, made the allegation during a sermon he recently delivered in his church.

The congregation erupted in a howl when Mbaka said, “President Jonathan and his wife are planning to kill me”.

Mbaka, whose recent comments on the general elections ruffled a lot of feathers, said the plan to assassinate him was an indication that President Jonathan no longer had the fear of God in him.

He said, “Although I sent a letter about this somewhere but I want to say this to the atmosphere. Let me say to the whole world that President Jonathan and his wife, Patience, are planning to assassinate Father Mbaka. It is a known secret, so whoever they want to use, I don’t know. They may not come themselves. They may use these unemployed people. The same people I am speaking for. I don’t know why people no longer have the fear of God.

“Do they think that killing Father Mbaka will make Jonathan and his wife win the election? Is Mbaka their problem? And a priest asked a question that touched me. He said all this while that Father Mbaka has been supporting Jonathan and his wife, did Buhari and his party make any statement to threaten him?”

The Roman Catholic priest insisted that his criticism of the Jonathan administration was a divine mandate, while making allusion to the biblical story of when God sent Moses to tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites go.

He compared his New Year message against President Jonathan to Moses’ message to the Egyptian King, Pharaoh.

He said in the video, “I am just trying to tell any Pharaoh that is threatening to kill any Moses to remember what happened in Exodus chapter 12. After the Passover, the family of Pharaoh cried. They ended in the middle of the Red Sea”.

He said despite the threats, he would continue to discharge his duties without fear of anyone.

Fr. Mbaka also denied that Patience Jonathan gave him any money when she visited his church late last year where he prayed for her and predicted victory for the president.

He said although President Jonathan dropped money for him through Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu, he left the money with Ekweremadu and his wife. He also said that the first lady’s offering to the church was equally rejected.

Fr. Mbaka attracted widespread criticism late last year when he condemned President Jonathan’s re-election, asking his followers to vote for the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd).


  1. Why is Fr Mbaka enjoying been controversial, I saw him against Chimaroke in 2002/2003 in Enugu but one thing is certain,I’ve not seen God need a thing and never get it, if actually God sent him why is he afraid of death. I don’t know if is another GEJ but if is same man, I can tell the whole world that is lie from pit of hell. If you are a pastor remember election will come and go, whatever role you play, you will also be held accountable in the last day. Enough of all this lies from the pulpit.

  2. Mbaka and his tricks,this time it has failed. He always trade on false statements. Your antics can’t deceive Nigerians especially catholics this time around. Mbaka, you can’t stop Goodluck Jonathan from winning the presidential election with all these your tricks and lies.

  3. wonders will never case what will GEJ benefit from killing a low life priest like you, and where is it written in the bible that the offering of a member was rejected by the church I mean these lies does not blend at all

  4. Rev Mbaka has lost his glory & dined wt satan {lucifer}. He went after d things of the world & so lost his crown of glory. It’s d endtime bt if only he`s willing he can reconcile wt God. Cos he has lost his FOCUS & GLORY bt there’s still a second chance for him to make it up to Christ. Mbaka pls go back to God & forget politics.

  5. i am telling people always stop puting your mouth in what you don,t know or see so that holyghost fire will not kill you l, i am try to say is if Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd).wil laed welll in 9ja let him go ahead

    and if good lucky will laed and 9ja will be bather let him go ahead so let the will of God down in 9ja simple
    and stop calling mbaka mbaka who are you to talk aganst the man of God