52-Year-Old ‘French Spiderman’ Climbs 75-story Cayan Tower In Dubai


The daredevil popularly known as “French Spiderman” took less than 70 minutes to scale a 75-story twisted tower in Dubai with no equipment other than sticky tape and chalk. UPI have more:

Alain Robert, 52, climbed 1,007 feet to the top of the twisted Cayan Tower in Dubai Sunday without the use of a rope or harness.

“An old dream of mine has finally come true,” Robert told Emirates 24|7 after his climb. The daredevil said he had been “anxious” prior to the feat and had wondered, “would it be my last climb?”

Robert, who completed the climb in just under 70 minutes, previously climbed Dubai’s 2,717-foot Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper, in 2011. During that attempt he used a rope and harness to comply with the requirements of organizers.