Gbenga Adeyinka Narrates How He Got Into Comedy Business Even Though He Never Knew There Was Money In It


Famous Nigerian comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka has revealed in a new chat with City People, how he was involved in theater and started hosting events on campus.

I had always done it on campus, I was in Theatre 15 and I did a couple of comic roles. People invited me for their end of the semester parties and all other events” he said.

After graduating, he created his own entertainment outfit that catered to children parties. Later on he would meet the comedian known as Akin Akindele.

He told me to come and meet him at MITV. He would tell jokes and I will tell jokes. There was a lady called Funmi, and she said she wanted to start a programme and she wants me to be part of it, she said she will have a segment where I will tell jokes and I said ‘jokes? How? I am not a comedian” he said.

When he started the show, Gbenga Adeyinka started gaining a lot of interest of people.

“People started calling in to ask me how much I charge and I was surprised that money is involved. That was how it all started for me, and the rest is history” he stated.

Today, Gbenga Adeyinka is one of the biggest and long standing comedians in Nigeria.


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