Royalty’s Step-dad Calls Chris Brown A ‘Sperm Donor’


Since the details of Chris Brown’s love child came to light, the superstar singer has tried as much as possible to play the role of father; but he has a very full plate.

Chris Brown is definitely mad after his daughter’s step-dad, King Ba allegedly referred to him as a ‘sperm donor’ in a cryptic post on his Instagram.

King posted a message on his Instagram from  Someecards on April 22, see photo below: –

King Ba's message on Instagram

Although Brown’s name isn’t mentioned in the text, its some one obvious to whom he is talking to.

Despite the ‘Loyal’ singer being the biological father to Royalty, King Ba has reportedly been there for the little girl and her mother since the day she was born and its clear he is not going anywhere anytime soon.

King may be right calling Breezy a ‘sperm donor’ but Brown had no idea he was a father until months after the girl was born.