16 Universities Established By Jonathan Are Illegal – ASUU

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) declared that 16 universities and other higher institutions established by the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan are illegal.


Issa Fagge Nasir, ASUU National President stated this on the recent conversion of four colleges of education to universities by the Federal Executive Council, FEC.

Nasir announced that the conversion is an assault on the Acts establishing the colleges, saying that universities are not only established via executive fiats but through thorough consultations with stakeholders and deep understudy of the pros and cons of such decisions.

Issa Fagge Nasir stated: “Our quarrel with the government is that universities are not just established by executive fiats like this administration is doing. So the Federal Government is only compounding the problems already bedeviling the education sector and I wonder if the incoming administration will allow this to stand. Strictly speaking, the Federal Government is not respecting its own laws, and I wonder how you just transmute an institution without looking at its laws. What happens to its staff, facilities and infrastructure? Academic institutions like universities are the bedrock for national development and so are not run without defined mandate and vision, and using them to achieve political gains will only further compound the nation’s problems.”

He also called on the incoming administration to critically assess these decisions and make impartial judgment that will benefit the mass of the people and return the country’s education sector’s lost glory.


  1. time to disband these glorified,educated illiterates that plan to put a halt to the growth of higher education in nigeria.They are employees that accumulated momumental powers due to weak gpvernance and using such poeers to intimidate their employer and blackmail sister institutions by regarding their handout -vending,exams– sorting,corrupt instititions as the best in the universe.Thats the mentality of a five year old kid

  2. Y didn’t the body of ASUU speak out when Goodluck was establishing those institutions or when he was on sit? Y now? What happens to those students in these 16 institutions?.I can go on asking so many questions,its high time ASUU know their worth and stop being peasant psychopants. They should do what they are established for,and stop being hindrance to the growth and recognition of Nigeria higher institution…

  3. this is an embarasment to All Professors, Doctors in Universities in Nigeria ,please why cant u use your brain for positive things, u think your lecturers and supervisors in B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD Wasted their time to train you for all these nonsense. is a disgrace Nigerian Academicians.

  4. I think it is time for us to start looking at things from positive point of view.
    Politics aside, the establishment of these Universities is a welcome development. True there may be some human deficiencies associated with the process, but such weaknesses (if any) should not over-shadow our minds not to appreciate the multiple benefits.


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