4 Basic Things Wives Easily Overlook About Their Husbands


There is a whole lot a woman should know about her husband, and there is probably even more he should know about her. Husbands and wives are like great research projects for each other. The more a spouse keeps studying her mate the more she will discover.

Here are 4 basic pieces of knowledge every woman should know about her husband.

1. Know his love language.

This is speaking to the human nature side of life; the emotional side of him that receives acts of love. What actions, tones, touches say to him, “I love you and I’ve got your back.” It’s important to know how to outwardly express love to him in a way that he can receive it. It could be something as small as holding his hand as you walk or leaving little notes of encouragement in his work bag.

2. Know his dreams and aspirations.

Men can be very goal driven and accomplishment oriented. His dreams and aspirations will come with goals and milestones. They may even come with “pie in the sky” hopes. Knowing his dreams and aspirations will explain a lot of his actions. Once you know his dreams and aspirations, try to support him. Now, you can’t be expected to be a mind reader. Your mate will need to share his aspirations, and you will have to be attentive. He may not come out and say, “Hey babe, this is my dream…” Yet, as you key in on what he is sharing, you will hear his heart and if the two of you work together, just imagine how much you will accomplish.

3. Know his form of recreation.

The need to have recreational companionship for the male is real. Just look at sporting events from boxing, football to soccer. Recreation goes beyond sports, your man may be a movie buff or a grill master on the backyard BBQ pit. Whatever his form of recreation, take interest or be a part. Do this to the degree that it works for you and your spouse. You may or may not know all the rules of football but you at least know his favorite team. He needs your recreational companionship.

4. Know what makes you physically attractive to him.

What catches his eye and makes his head turn? He loves you for who you are and as a woman you are not defined by what you look like. Here I am talking about finding out what he likes to see you in and incorporate what is comfortable to you into your wardrobe. Generally speaking, human beings especially men, are attracted by what the eye sees. Just look at how many products on television are sold using attractive women. You don’t need to look like anyone on television. Be yourself and incorporate what keeps his eye on you.

No matter how long you have been married, keep learning your man. Let him know you are in interested in him. Go the extra mile.