Chris Brown Sends Post-birthday Shout-out To Karrueche, His Mum And Daughter


Remember yesterday was Chris Brown’s birthday and his 10-month-old daughter, Royalty even wished him happy birthday.

Well, the international superstar has expressed his gratitude for making it to 26 and gave his mom, Karrueche, and his daughter Royalty a special shout-out on Instagram.

Chris posted the above picture along with the caption:

“Thx for making my bday a special.. All my friends family etc.. #taurus season.. I have three special ladies celebrating this month. Mother’s Day for momma. May 17th miss you know who. And May 27 is my baby #Royalty be humble and learn that it doesn’t take effort to love! We create our own outcome and destiny in life. My paths has been a very blessed 26 years on this planet and I’m still learning. I can only be the best I can be. Sorry enough wit the rants! Love y’all! Thank god! I’m grateful and so thankful”